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Jason Kilgore wrote:

I highly recommend "Cloudmark Spamnet".  It's commercial (not free), but I received a copy as a package when I purchased a firewall for my home computer.

I've had this address for 7 years and I received on the order of 600-700 spam each week.  Only 2 or 3 of these (on average) slip by Spamnet.  It works on the concept that every time you block a spam it uploads that information and uses it to update everyone else's version.  As soon as the first few people manually block a particular spam everyone else's is automatically blocked.

I have mine set to put the spam in a "junk-mail" folder, and I did have to go through periodically and unblock messages at the start.  The bonus is that once you unblock them they stayed unblocked.  It currently very rarely blocks legit messages.


Jason, and everyone:

I used to use Cloudmark Spamnet.  Then it became commercial software, so I replaced it with something better.

I am pleased to introduce you to POPfile, a great state-of-the-art solution for handling spam!  It is completely free, works very well with all email clients, and uses cutting-edge Bayesian statistics filtering.  This means that, like most of us, it learns from its mistakes and gets better with age.  However, unlike many of us, it learns very quickly.  After just a few days of sporadic training, it will reliably filter virtually all of your mail without any mistakes.  In fact, it can do all sorts of filtering and is not just limited to spam detection!

If you use Outlook Express, Eudora, or any program other than Outlook as your POP3 email client, then you will want to install POPfile for Windows as a proxy between your email client and your ISP.  POPfile will filter your mail and add "[spam]" to the subject line of all messages that it thinks are spam.  You can then easily configure your email client to put these messages in a "Junk" folder, or to simply delete them altogether.  With some of these clients, like Eudora, the filtering can be done within the header and there is no need to alter the subject lines.  You can download POPfile at the link below, but be sure to carefully read (and probably print out) all of the eight-part directions before installing.

You can also run POPfile directly from within Outlook with a really slick plug-in called Outclass.  This also allows POPfile to work with Exchange Server and a corporate email system.  In this case, first download and install POPfile from the above link, but don't (ever) run it and don't configure it to start up automatically.  Then download Outclass (link below), but once again be sure to carefully read (and probably print out) all of the directions before installing.  Outclass manages to use the POPfile filtering engine without ever turning it on!

I use Outlook Express with POPfile at home, and Outlook XP with Outclass at work.  Both solutions work great and capture my voluminous spam with 99%(+/-) accuracy.  Try it yourself.  After just a couple of weeks (at most) of training the corpus (perhaps 5 minutes per day), I think that you will conclude that it works better than you do.


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

Always avoid teams in green uniforms!

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