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RE: SEA's and Disciplinary Action

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The first Ethic’s manual for SEAOC was authored in the early 80’s (or possibly earlier) by Arnold Bookbinder, SE. Arnold is currently “semi-retired” but I speak with him often. In fact, he was my source for ethical conduct questions for nearly twenty years. Arnold is not online (he is a holdback to the old days) but if you e-mail me privately, I will give you his phone number. I find him to be an excellent source of guidance.

Arnold has been a good friend for many years – as an expert witness, those who know him have very strong opinions on his personality. From my perspective, I’ve never found him to be anything but honest and willing to help anyone who asks. He is very outspoken and at times can be offensive, but this is part of his nature and when it results in teaching me how to survive in a tough business, Arnold is my first choice for my consultant.

The Ethic’s manual was his greatest achievement for SEAOC and he is closely tied to the Board of Registration for Professional Engineers. Because of this, I think he may be a source of very good information.




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How many SEA's have any input or authority to discipline an engineer?  SEAU is attempting to convene an "Ethics Committee" to advise our state licensing board.  They would be tasked with providing advise technical and ethical complaints filed with our state board.  Is there a precedent for this anywhere else in the country?  What is the normal disciplinary mechanism?


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