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Re: Question Regarding Wire Mesh for Column Stirrups

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refugio rochin wrote:

Dear Association,

We are looking at a building here in Tortola, where the engineer of
record has decided to use wire mesh for column stirrups. ??

As an independent check, we need to validate its use or choose otherwise.

Anyone ever used wire mesh for column stirrups, and found it a valid choice??!

FWIW, lateral reinforcement for columns are officially called "ties." "Stirrups" are for shear reinforcement in beams.

I just reviewed the requirements of ACI 318-99 Section 7.10.5. states "All nonprestressed bars shall be enclosed by lateral ties at least No. 3 in size for longitudinal bars No. 10 or smaller, and at least No. 4 in size for No. 11 [and greater]. .. DEFORMED WIRE OR WELDED WIRE FABRIC OF EQUIVALENT AREA SHALL BE PERMITTED."

The problem I'd have is, if you've got a column of any appreciable size with multiple longitudinal bars across a face, how would you place "hairpin"-type reinforcing? It seems to me that as a practical matter, you would be limited in the size of a rectangular column for which you could practically use WWR as tie steel because of the requirements of

It seems to me that, practically speaking, you could use WWR as tie stell only for a rectangular column with a maximum dimension of any face ~16 inches. I suppose that any circular column could be used (or, come to think of it, any rectangular column with radially spaced reinforcement at a single radius).

Irregularly-shaped columns (not rectilinear, at any rate) would be impractical.

You could use a combination of WWR for "wrapping" the entire cage, and rebar for the "hairpins." Not sure if that would be of benefit or not.

Sorry for the long-winded answer. I was trying to qualify my response without knowing specifically what your design considerations are.


Bill Polhemus, P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas USA

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