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RE: ACI 318-02 Appendix D

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Ah, careful there.

An appendix is definitely part of the code if it is
referenced somewhere in the main body of the code or referenced by another
code.  In this case, as Bruce pointed out, section 1913 of the 2003 IBC
directly references Appendix D of ACI 318-02, which then makes Appendix D
of ACI 318-02 part of the 2003 IBC.  Further more, section 8.1.3 of ACI
318-02 "sends" you to Appendix D for anchorage to concrete, thus making
Appendix D an enforcable part of ACI 318-02.

I will note that Appendix A of ACI 318-02 (strut and tie method) is also
referenced in main body of the code, but referenced in a manner that gives
it as an alternative design method that can be used in various situations.
Thus, it becomes part of the code, but not something that you MUST use.

In a similar manner, Appendix B of ACI 318-02 is referenced by section
8.1.2, but in a manner that says its use "sahll be permitted" (i.e. it is
legally part of the code, but is not required to be used).  The same is
true of Appendix C which is referenced with a "shall be permitted" in
section 9.1.3.

So, the end result is that all the Appendicies are legally part of the ACI
318-02 code (ignoring E and F), but only Appendix D MUST actually be used.


Adrian, MI

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004, Paul Blomberg wrote:

> If the plan reviewer doesn't buy that approach (which
> is completely correct), you can always take the
> approach that the appendices are not part of the code
> and therefore not enforceable.
> It's been a long, hard week.  I'll be quiet now!
> Paul.

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