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Re: New structure on ancient columns

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Alberto -

Are the foundations adequate to carry the additional bending
capacity resulting from increased axial steel?  If so, you
might try something like the following:

Jacket the columns in steel, grouting the gap.  I would
suggest a slightly expansive grout to avoid having the
grout skrink away from the steel jacket.

Develop the steel for composite action by doweling
*through* the original concrete column and engaging the
jacket.  You can probably do this purely by penetrating
into the core of the original column with your dowels and
epoxying in place.  Of course, I'm not sure about the
long-term behavior of the epoxy.

Now you have something that is more-or-less equivalent to
concrete-filled steel tube columns.  The marginal increase
in diameter permits a potentially large increase in
moment of inertia.  This might allow you to increase your
moment of inertia with minimal increased diameter, depending
on the original cover.

Do the columns need to be fixed at both ends, or can they
be pinned base and still carry the increased lateral
demands?  If so, you just gap the jackets at the base,
and engage the overhead slabs/beams through some sort
of fixture.

Not cheap, and probably not the most straightforward
solution.  Hopefully, it stimulates some ideas and
gets you headed towards a solution.

Good luck, it sounds like an interesting problem.


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