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Codes Online

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So has the SEA considered publishing it's own codes?  Seems with the
bombardment of questions and answers over the many years, there ought
to be some incorporation of a good filter, to highlight specific code
provisions along their section and chapter numbers.

Or perhaps a way to pay for online codes, pay the same price, but get
the integration of engineers adding forum and insight?

The code providers would multiply their profits and engineers would
get better insights and easy access, especially over web search
engines.  Seems like it has to be done, now that the web is so vast. 
Otherwise we are reverted to REVOBIZ, and answers are only half

With an international collection, SEA-Forums could probably generate
enough donations to see these things through??

Sorry, don't know much about the structure of SEA do be so definitive. 

Refugio Rochin (Refuge, Rock)
Systems Engineering Ltd.

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