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Mayan Politics

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I didn't live in the time of the Mixtecs of centuries ago, 
but it appears to me, that once upon a time, 
There were people, who saw the right actions,
and they didn't have to think about economics, to get 
things done.  People conjugated on a topic, and actions 
were done, in coordination with greater powers.

As in Eqypt, when the pyramids were built, 
plans apparently, either came together by thousands of
slaves, people entered vast dream states and coordinated
actions in a subconcious parallel universe, or aliens 
created these monuments of mystery.

Whatever happened, in those times, it is definitely
apparent that a quantum state was touched long before
our time.  And one of the greatest stoppages to 
real actions based on quantum knowledge, is economics,
and the devotion to people paying major tribute to the 
economy as being the main source for actions.

Sharing my extreme thoughts, for the hundreds of years
that the Mayans have held their tongues, after their 
mass deaths over 500 years ago.

Happy Thanksgiving !
Refugio Rochin (Refuge, Rock)

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