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RE: Employee vacation schedules

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Our firm is pretty straight as far as time off.  Regardless of experience, you are only given 2 weeks per year for Vacation and 1 week per year for PTO/Sick.  There are no provisions for maternity or paternity.  These weeks are actually broken down into hours, rather than days, and they can accumulate over the years.  It's not a situation where you have to use them or lose them.  Our work week is broken down into 40 hours per week minimum.  So, if I wanted to, I could say that I am going to take Friday off and work all 40 of my hours in the first 4 days.  Then, come Friday, I can take off and not have to take any sick or vacation time.  I, however, work under a very loose agreement with my company.  I would like to see a little more vacation time, as I live away from the rest of my family and would like to see them more.
The boss does not like Comp Time, however, as described above, we have a loose version of it, based on the week.  We are only a 10 person firm, so there is a lot of latitude as to the use of our time.  A two week notice is appreciated, but they understand if you have to jump on a day's notice.
However, as an employee, I would like to see something more as far as paid time off for my commitment to the company, and, as a possibly future boss, I may institute more paid vacation for employees based on time with the company.  But that's just me.  The weekly flexibility is nice to have.  However, I would say that while it is flexible, I would ask that my employees be in the office (or associated with a project) at least during the hours of 9 AM to 3 PM.  Basically, I don't want to hire someone and have them coming to work "during the night."
Hope this helps.
Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming