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RE: Employee vacation schedules

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Our company uses "Bank Time" which is combined vacation, sick and personal time.  Bank time is accrued as follows:
Years of Service             Hours accrued per year
          0-1                                  112
          2-5                                  120
           6                                    128
           7                                    136
           8                                    144
           9                                    152
        10-15                                 160
          16                                   168
          17                                   176
          18                                   184
          19                                   192
          20+                                 200
There is an upper limit of 320 hours of total accrued bank time.  If an employee were to accrue more than 320 hours, their hours will be truncated to 320 hours upon their anniversary (of hire) date.
As an aside, at one time our policy was to accrue comp time rather than paid overtime for non-exempt employees.  Comp time had to be used before using vacation time and sick time (20 days per year) was separate.  There was a time when I had 1000 hours of sick time (the upper limit), over 350 hours of vacation time and over 400 hours of comp time.
Warren Foy

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hello all,
What is the standard these days for Vacation accrual in our industry?  New hire so many weeks, next level, and so on.