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New & Improved Structuralist.Net

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I am pleased to announce a completely revamped and improved Structuralist.Net website – including Public and Professional services. If you are looking for the latest Multi-Lat™ software (flexible and rigid) you will find it here along with the beginning of a new Web Log (Blog) based tutorial.

There is a lot to do, but what is now done is impressive (if I do say so myself). Please take a few moments to visit the site at the location listed below. If there is anything you want represented on the site, please write me privately and I will respond.

I have discontinued the use of the Bulletin Board Services. Public Domain templates will be made available from the Professional web pages. Multi-Lat is the first spreadsheet to be represented. The revised date is November 3rd, 2004 – please download only this version and eliminate all past versions.

Topic specific lists have been expanded. If you subscribed to the Cold-form Steel List, please subscribe again as the database was corrupted in the process. The lists have been expanded and will continue to grow – please write to let me know what lists you would be interested in joining and I will add them.

Thanks to all who supported my efforts and who encouraged me to continue with this project. It continues to grow and I think that you will be pleased with the effort made and what is yet to come.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant


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"Structural engineering is art form that makes an architects dream a reality. The creation of structural skeleton is as much an art as is the skin that covers it. Without the creativity of engineers, the architects use of form and function would be unatainable. We are the socerers of modern engineering who use science and imagination to make the architects illusion a reality."

D.S. Wish, PE 11/04