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Re: "By The President of the United States of America, A Proclamation"

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Dennis Wish wrote:

Given the state of affairs and instability in the world today, I believe
this post is simply inappropriate for a professional list. A simple wish of
good tidings during the holidays is sufficient. More than this shows the
world that the United States believes that our belief based democracy is the
only way of life we recognize and in my opinion, this is the root of our

Thanks for the comments, Dennis.

I think it is fascinating that the principles on which this nation was founded, are now considered "inappropriate" for public discussion by "modern" ways of thinking.

Given the divide that seems to inflict so much of the discourse between people in our nation today, it makes me that much more thankful to that same God invoked by Pres. Washington, that "our side" won the last election.

With respect, I'm grateful that yours is the minority view. Much as I respect your right to view any acknowledgement of the Divine as "inappropriate," the depth of my disagreement with that point of view cannot possibly be overstated.

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