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RE: Nail Spacing

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The NDS commentary recommendations are for nail spacing for wood to wood and steel to wood connections, not just for nail spacing for shear walls.
It seems that the nail spacing recommendations would have been based upon damage or splitting of the wood in (1) initial installation and (2) under loading.  I'm curious to whether these same guidelines would cover hardened nails with a higher Fyb than listed in the 2001 NDS Appendix I (greater than 130 ksi) as there would be more stress in the wood using hardened nails at the same spacing as typical nails
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> The values in the buildings codes are empirical, that is, based on
> testing of actual shear walls. Certainly, if you had nails with 200 ksi
> bending, you may want to consider this, however, in my experience on the
> West Coast, no such nails are being used. We tend to have the opposite
> problem, nails with much less bending capacity.
> Ted Ryan, P.E.
> Washington State
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> >Subject: Nail Spacing
> >Are the nail spacing recommendations shown in the 1997 and >2001 NDS
> Commentary are based upon Fyb not exceeding 100ksi >or perhaps 130 ksi
> (shown in appendix I of the 2001 NDS as an >upper bound for hardened
> nails). There are nails out there that >have an Fyb of up to 200 ksi and
> if the spacing is the same as >typical nails would not the stress in the
> wood increase and >possibly lead to earlier splitting? Are nails with an
> Fyb exceeding >100 ksi or 130 ksi beyond the scope of the NDS Commentary
> nail >spacing recommendations?
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