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Re: Chicago Building Inspectors

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While some may find it comforting that the City of Chicago has not cornered the market on deadbeat employees,  I think the real question is whether anyone other than the Carpenter's Union, Mayor Daley, and Mayor Daley's campaign manager think it is a good idea for building inspectors to belong to the Carpenter's Union. 
(Mayor Daley's campaign manager probably thinks its a terrific idea, seeing as Carpenter's Local 13 gave something like $84,000 to Daley's last election campaign, making them the largest campaign contributor.)
And I can't really say I think much of the Sun-Times reporters' qualifications - based on their writing ability, I'd say they might not have graduated from anywhere, including high school.  But they have made it their mission to expose corruption in Daley's government, and they are getting the stories.  And their stories are getting noticed.  One wonders what they were doing while George Ryan and Scott Fawell were around.  They missed some stories there.
And lastly, the Building Department's latest round of hiring is going to cost the city in the porch litigations.  Big time.  Although I can't say I think much of the plaintiff's lawyer.  I think the plaintiffs probably should have hired someone with more experience.  I notice that the lawyer has added "Porch and Deck Collapse" to his list of specialties on his web site.  Nothing like trolling for opportunities.
Gail Kelley