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Re: Architectural Engineers

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With all due respect, I believe that you are mistaken about a few
things.  Architects and Civil Engineers are not equal in California.
Civil Engineers can do all buildings except Hospitals and Schools, high
rises can be stamped by a Civil Engineering.  Only Hospitals and Schools
require a Structural Engineer.

I don't think the original question was about an actual Architectural
Engineering license, but rather what people are doing.  A Civil Engineer
in California can do any engineering for which he has the appropriate
experience and expertise.

I for one am Structural Engineer, and do not engage in "Architectural
Engineering" as it were.  In today's day of specialization, I think it
is best to leave each of the different pieces of design up to an
appropriately qualified professional (Architect, Structural Engineer,
Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and so on).  How could you possibly keep
up with advances in all of those fields and all of the code changes?
You would be working 100 hours a week!

Ted Ryan

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In California Civil Engineers and Architects are completely equal -
legally. Each can design almost any kind of building and neither can
design a public school or public hospital without a registered
Engineer. Hi-rise buildings also require a registered Structural
Engineer. I have read that the large majority of commercial, industrial
and residential buildings in CA are being designed by Civil Engineers
are doing the entire design.
About half of my jobs are commercial, industrial or residential in which
I am the principal. If they are large enough I engage an architectural
person (some are registered and some are not) to work for me. And I also
hire a Geotech Engineer, and a surveyor who is usually a Civil Engineer
but sometimes a Land Surveyor only. And I usually hire someone to do the
energy calcs.
On a few jobs I do the Civil or the Structural design and on some I do
both- for an architect. On one $9 million house I am the storm drain
engineer only with other civils doing grading and retaining walls,
doing structural, etc.

As far as I know there is no such thing in CA as an "architectural

Stan Scholl, P.E.
Civil Engineer
Laguna Beach, CA 

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