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RE: Architectural Engineers

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An architectural engineer can be most simply defined as any licensed professional engineer who is actively involved in the design, construction, and/or operation of buildings.  Some architectural engineers have degrees from architectural engineering programs.  Most have degrees in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and other fields of engineering.  Some architectural engineers have passed the relatively new NCEES architectural engineering exam (offered almost everywhere, except for odd states like California).  Most architectural engineers have passed one or more of the traditional PE exams such as CE, SE, ME, and EE.  Please note that architectural engineers are engineers, NOT architects.
In summary, architectural engineers are defined by what they do for a living, not by their degrees and exams.  Typically, architectural engineers look at building design from a holistic perspective, but do not practice outside the field(s) of their expertise.
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How many of you call yourself an "Architectural Engineer"?  Can you fully design all the systems in a home or commercail building?  Could you put together & adequately answer questions related to: electrical, mechanical, structural, & architectural?  There are engineers here in Utah doing full home design.  They are licensed with a "Civil Engineer" license.  I know I am not qualified to do all the other systems and I am curious how many people in the world might be that diverse.
Jake Watson, P.E.
Salt Lake City, UT