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Re: Colorado PE... Continuing Education

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A flip side to the complaint that requiring continuing education in remote areas is an excessvie hardship is the fact that engineers in those areas would be unlikely to attend many seminars / courses/ etceteras unless it is required,  because of the expense.
Neither DC nor the states around DC have any requirement for continuing education for their licenses, but I can't think of any year within the eight that I have lived here that I wouldn't have had at least 30 hours.  That is partly from attending a lot of conventions, but also the random breakfast presentations and dinner meetings.
No matter how bad a convention or presentation is, I have always learned something;  if nothing else, it is a chance to find out that someone I've heard about is a good (or bad) speaker.   I have never walked away from a presentation and thought "that was a waste of eight hours."   That is partly because I do presentations  and sitting through a bad presentation teaches me a lot. 
But then again,  I find jury duty kind of interesting.  At least as long as I'm not actually picked to be on a jury.
For those who need credits,  PCI is starting an on-line continuing education option.
Gail Kelley