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RE: Bentley View

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I've used PowerDraft in the past, and from my experience it was just a stripped down version of Microstation.  The drafters in the firm used the full version of Microstation, and Powerdraft was used by the engineers for minor drafting/editing.  However, I don't remember exactly what features were missing that caused the drafters to need or want Microstation instead of Powerdraft (I know it's missing 3D, but that generally was not important at the time...)
I used it 7 or 8 years ago, so it's been around for at least that long.
Brian J. Harris, P.E.
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For the one or two of you who care, my wife and I did decide to move to Chattanooga, TN, and I will starting my own consulting firm.  The birth of my first son and the move will both occur in late winter/early spring of 2005.  I'll pass along information on the panic attack as it progresses. 
The purpose of this post is to inquire about drafting  programs.  I've always used AutoCAD with few forays into MicroStation.  My new business will work with mostly DWG drawings with occasional DGN reference files.  
I was going to purchase AutoCAD 2005, but I'm now passingly interested in Bently "PowerDraft".  It appears to meet all the requirements I'll have, and claims to fully support DWG and DGN formats (to the point of being able to externally reference and display both DWG and DGN files in the same drawing).
Does anyone know anything about PowerDraft?  How long has it been around?  I don't necessarily want to pay Bentley to be their guinea pig.  I assume I'll get a response from Bentley on pricing sometime tomorrow.
Thanks in advance,
Jason W. Kilgore
Kansas City, Missouri