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On Dec 2, 2004, at 3:08 PM, Joe Grill wrote:

This has always been a point with me. I agree with David and Scott on this one. I am originally from Wyoming and worked there for a number of years. There is an added cost to attending "decent" seminars when living in more
remote areas, since travel to larger cities is required for the better
PDH Online, <> among others has some pretty good short courses on specialized topics for getting professional development hours. I fill out part of my continuing ed requirements with a few hours on line. it's actually very relaxing sitting there in a sweatshirt with a bottle of ale and a sandwich for company.

If you find yourself in a city where AISC is having a seminar (check the schedule at the AISC web site) all their seminars are well worth the time and money. I went to the session of field fixes and another on connection design, and loved them both. They were taught by real engineers, and they do them all over the country. The handouts alone are worth the money, and they throw in lunch. Hard to beat. I get flyers from the ASME from time to time, since I'm a member, but the only session that was worth the time and moeny was a seminar put on by the local chapter. But it didn't come close to AISC.

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