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Re: Bentley View

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I would not use Powerdraft if your main intention is to work on Autocad
files. The problem is that Microstation and Autocad are fundamentally
different in number of important ways, and this makes the file conversions
painful. My office is primarily Microstation, and we have on a couple of
occasions drafted jobs in Microstation and attempted to convert to Autocad.
It has been universally a disaster, and required weeks of effort to fix all
the dimensions styles, line weights, borders etc.

One example of where they differ is in layers vs levels. Autocad associates
a layer with a line type and gives you a 256 character layer name.
Microstation does not limit the line type within a layer, but does limit
you to the numbers 0 to 63 for the level name.

If you are primarily going to be working in Microstation, Powerdraft is
stripped down but still totally fine for almost everything you will do.
Only the most advanced features of V8  or J are missing from Powerdraft.

Michael Ludvik, PE
Hardesty & Hanover
New York

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For the one or two of you who care, my wife and I did decide to move to
Chattanooga, TN, and I will starting my own consulting firm.  The birth of
my first son and the move will both occur in late winter/early spring of
2005.  I'll pass along information on the panic attack as it progresses.

The purpose of this post is to inquire about drafting  programs.  I've
always used AutoCAD with few forays into MicroStation.  My new business
will work with mostly DWG drawings with occasional DGN reference files.

I was going to purchase AutoCAD 2005, but I'm now passingly interested in
Bently "PowerDraft".  It appears to meet all the requirements I'll have,
and claims to fully support DWG and DGN formats (to the point of being able
to externally reference and display both DWG and DGN files in the same

Does anyone know anything about PowerDraft?  How long has it been around?
I don't necessarily want to pay Bentley to be their guinea pig.  I assume
I'll get a response from Bentley on pricing sometime tomorrow.

Thanks in advance,

Jason W. Kilgore
Kansas City, Missouri

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