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Re: Bentley View

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I would not use Powerdraft if your main intention is to work on Autocad
files. The problem is that Microstation and Autocad are fundamentally
different in number of important ways, and this makes the file conversions
painful. My office is primarily Microstation, and we have on a couple of
occasions drafted jobs in Microstation and attempted to convert to Autocad.
It has been universally a disaster, and required weeks of effort to fix all
the dimensions styles, line weights, borders etc.

on't know what the majority view is, but it has been a LONG time since a client required me to submit CAD files at the close of the project. Probably if I was doing pub sector work such as for the DOT or any branch of the Feds, but not the typical owner/developer clients that I have.

In fact, we DID do a job for FAA last year, and though their in-house engineers reviewed the design, no one asked for CAD files.

If that's the case, I would go with whatever platform you prefer, knowing that you can probably submit an "acceptable" .DWG if you are required once in a blue moon.

I used uStation briefly several years ago and really liked it. Since then, I have sharpened my Autocad skills considerably in working for myself, and I like that just fine as well. I doubt I'd have a problem "swinging both ways" if the job required it.

One example of where they differ is in layers vs levels. Autocad associates
a layer with a line type and gives you a 256 character layer name.
Microstation does not limit the line type within a layer, but does limit
you to the numbers 0 to 63 for the level name.

With respect, I don't believe this is true any longer, in either case. You can use "named plot styles" in Autocad now, and Microstation does allow names for their levels in addition to their legacy 0-63 level names. This has been true for both platforms for at least five years or so.

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