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Re: Mexico seismic code

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Well, just as a personal observation, I'd say there are a lot of Americans who consider people like Mr. Polhemus an embarrasment to this country.
And as a further personal observation,  I'd say there are a lot of engineers who aren't too unhappy to hear that Mr. Polhemus's incompetence was the central feature of a lawsuit. 
Quite frankly, I am hoping he gets sued for something related to post-tensioning.  Because I might get to be on the other side.  And there is nothing I like better than a litigation against an incompetent engineer.
Gail Kelley
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Dou you think you're funny?
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Subject: Re: Mexico seismic code

G. Bunkers wrote:
Is the current seismic design code that is used in Mexico strength based ?
Gary B.
It's taco-based.