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Re: existing bridge

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S. Gordin wrote:
The past weekend I was in New Jersey.  On my way back to JFK, I noticed that paint on the towers of the magnificent Verrazano Narrows Bridge is peeling, exposing the corroding metal.  AFAIK, the renovation of the bridge was supposed to be completed in 2003. Yet isn't this bridge - like, apparently, the Golden Gate Bridge - supposed to be in the permanent state of re-painting? 
Further east (at 4 pm on Sunday), Belt Parkway looked more like a parking lot, so I had a chance to take a closer look at the underbelly of several vehicular steel overpasses.  On one of those, I saw a vertical member (may be, 1" thick) of the bridge bearing being rusted through with a hole, may be, 6" in diameter, apparently, going all the way to - and, may be, into - the bearing plate.
My question to the NYC colleagues is - how are these problems being addressed?
V. Steve Gordin, PhD
Registered Structural Engineer
Irvine CA
Several years ago there was a map in the ASCE or Scientific American showing the percentage of bridges that required rehab work.  New York state led the list with the highest percentage.  Does New York state use salt or do they just add sand?  If I can find that map again, it would be interesting to see how many states in the north that use salt are high on the list.