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RE: existing bridge

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New York City and New York State DOT's, in addition to the Authorities
(Port Authority and the MTA), have Biennial inspections for most if not all
of their structures, so they generally have a pretty good idea about the
bridges' condition. I would say they do a pretty good job of maintaining
the bridges within the budget they have, but the problem is the anaemic
maintenance budgets. In an era of both state and city budget cutbacks,
maintenance is often one of the first things that gets axed. For some
reason it is often easier for them to get money for capital works, so a lot
of these kinds of problems get fixed when they come back to put a new lane
on, or increase the load carrying capacity to HS-25.

Michael Ludvik, PE
New York

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It's my understanding that ALL bridges fall under D.O.T. jurisdiction and
should have some sort of inspection procedure for them.  This may be an
oversight.  Should someone point this situation out???

Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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 The past weekend I was in New Jersey.  On my way back to JFK, I noticed
 that paint on the towers of the magnificent Verrazano Narrows Bridge is
 peeling, exposing the corroding metal.  AFAIK, the renovation of the
 bridge was supposed to be completed in 2003. Yet isn't this bridge - like,
 apparently, the Golden Gate Bridge - supposed to be in the permanent state
 of re-painting?

 Further east (at 4 pm on Sunday), Belt Parkway looked more like a parking
 lot, so I had a chance to take a closer look at the underbelly of several
 vehicular steel overpasses.  On one of those, I saw a vertical member (may
 be, 1" thick) of the bridge bearing being rusted through with a hole, may
 be, 6" in diameter, apparently, going all the way to - and, may be, into -
 the bearing plate.

 My question to the NYC colleagues is - how are these problems being

 V. Steve Gordin, PhD
 Registered Structural Engineer
 Irvine CA

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