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CMU Retaining Wall installation Problem

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I was just contacted by the mason subcontractor on a project that I am involved with.  A CMU retaining wall that was designed for a maximum height of 5’ had the footing located about 4’ lower than anticipated making the wall retained height 8’-9’ high.  Due to some other site considerations such as rock foundation the footing size is not a problem.  The problem is that about 48” of 8” CMU has already been stacked at the lower courses.  The mason has elected to hold off laying block for a while to see what can be done.  The easiest fix at this point (if it is allowable) would be to lay another stack of 8” CMU in front of the first (drilled with dowels into the footing) to achieve a greater thickness.  If a width of say 4” is left between the stacks for grout, do you on the list think this is a viable alternative.  Another alternative would be to remove the block that has been stacked and turn 90 deg. to gain a 16” thick stem at the base.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.

J. Grill

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