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Re: tank

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Did you analyze the tank wall as a normal straight retaining wall? That is
to say, are you idealizing it as a cantilever with active/at-rest soil
pressures? If so, you are probably dramatically conservative compared with
a hoop stress model. If this tank is round (which I'm assuming it is), the
primary load carrying mechanism is like a pipe. Simply use the hoop stress

stress = soil pressure*radius/thickness.

This is unconservative as it ignores the bending components, but it will
give you an idea of how much stronger it is as a pipe than a cantilever.

Michael Ludvik, PE

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I was recently asked to review a tank for a precaster in order to prove
that the tank is sufficient to support the earth and liquid fill prior to
him signing off on the building.  This particular tank has been used since
1947 and not a one has had any problems.  Looking at this tank, which has a
3” wall and minimum WWF, the numbers will not come close to proving it
works, yet they never have has problems.

Question #1:  Would any of you seal a drawing based on past preformance of
the product alone?

Question #2:  This tank will be filled with water, equalizing the pressures
and reducing the moments to near zero, is this cast more realistic to

Thanks for you help,

Chad Van Kampen P.E.
General Manager / Precast
Gerace Construction
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