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two slabs

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Here are a few more questions-->
1. If using software like Adoss for the design of the slab, how would the deflection values given in the output relate to the amount you precamber?
2. I am not sure that Adoss calculates the cracked section properties..It shows a stiffness Ieff but this may only relate to the effect of the drop panel on the specific span.  The values of Ieff in my example seemed high. Does anyone have any info on this?? I am away from the manual right at the moment. I have version 7.01.
3. As mentioned by others how do they finish the slab to ensure it maintains thickness. Do they jack it up right after levelling and prior to final finishing or is the formwork jacked prior to concrete placement?
4. I have spans in the 28' range N-S and 24' E-W but I am using the code guidelines for minimum two-way slab thicknesses so that deflection does not have to be considered. Does this make sense that precambering is still required? 
5. It seems to be used quite often on flat slab designs that I have seen.  The value of precambering is noted in the center of the bays. Is there no precambering done on grid lines as well?