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SIPS panels - Structural Insulated Panel System

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I have a project that's a private high school dormitory.  The Architect is very interested in using products that can fulfill multiple tasks.  He has suggested using a SIPS panel as both the roof decking and the load bearing wall.  A SIPS panel is basically 2 pieces of plywood separated by insulation.  The panels are 48" wide and at each joint have actual studs or joist members.  The project is in central Alabama and is IBC Seismic Cat B.  Seismic will be relatively light for this project.  Wind will likely control.  The Architect wants this to be his structural deck (14' span or so), finish ceiling (yes, it's rough), insulation, and shingle nailer.  The walls would be the same except it would receive sheet rock on the interior and hardi-plank on the exterior.

My main concerns are:
1.  With a conventional plywood roof on H-clips there is movement available in the roof.  This product doesn't have this option.  How is this accommodated for this system so that temperature doesn't cause visible roof bulges?
2.  What issues are there with load bearing?  It appears that the plywood is actually taking the load.  It really doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling.  What happens if there is a leak that causes plywood failure?  It doesn't seem like it would take much termite infestation to cause a problem.  Bulkier studs are more resistant to both of these.
3.  Bolting a plate down and then installing the panel and then nailing through the panel into the pre bolted sill plate just seems like a crap shoot.  

Has anyone out there used this product and can offer advice?  My gut feel is that it's probably pretty good as a roof deck/insulation/ceiling, but I'm not as comfortable with it as my load bearing wall.  It just seems that you're relying on the insulation to do a whole lot of bracing of the two, thin load bearing wythes.

John C. Jones, PE
Barnett Associates
Pell City, AL
205-884-0099 (fax)

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