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RE: l/600 or l/720 brick veneer light gage back-up

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ACI 530 1.10.1 says L/600 for beams and lintels not walls.   I have seen architects require L/600 for wind on walls supporting veneer when the minimum code requirement is L/240. But then again I have seen them specify deflection track over the top of a cripple wall over an aluminum store front that ran the entire front of the building and also specify that the wall needs to have kickers, be self supporting and isolated from aluminum system = levitation.
The IBC does not have additional requirements other than Table 1604.3 that I have seen. Maybe the architect will loosen the specification when they realize they need studs at 8" oc or 14 gage studs or something or maybe the architect won't care. 
Is the BIA, the bureau of indian affairs?
Scott Haan
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Subject: l/600 or l/720 brick veneer light gage back-up

I know that BIA recommends l/600 to l/720 for a brick veneer back-up deflection limitation.  They say "for service loads".  What I am not sure about is what the design wind pressure for this condition should be.  Should this just be based on the same component and cladding design load used for the strength design of the studs or can it be a reduced wind load.  Table 1604.3 of IBC 2003 indicates that the deflection limit for exterior walls with brittle finishes should be l/240 and footnote f indicates that the load may be 0.7 times the design component and cladding loads.  This seems to be quite different form BIA's recommendation of l/600.  Perhaps a brick veneer is not considered a brittle finish?
Is the l/600 or l/720 specifically required somewhere else in the IBC?
Thanks for your help.
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