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Re: SIPS panels - Structural Insulated Panel System

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A single datum - I have 3000 sq ft of SIPS on a hot deck roof in New
England. Panels are 1/2" cdx sheathed as I agree tear off of OSB is
problematic. I did that when putting on roofs in college - often you pulled
a big divot out with the nail. Despite concerns about longevity, my
housebuilding checkbook dictated that I gamble on standard 3 tab shingles -
25 year asphalt fiberglass base. After 16 years on the roof, I think I'll
get 20 years or better from them. As to premium laminated shingles, I'm not
a fan. My roofing contractor father put these on his house in 1977 and
although they didn't leak after 27 years, they sure look ratty. It would be
interesting to find out if the manufacturers increase the asphalt content of
the layers, but I'd bet they don't as its an unlikely selling feature.
Without more asphalt, the top layer will weather out as fast as the standard
shingles - if you're still OK its because you have more layers than standard
double coverage.

>From my datum, I'd gamble again on the 3 tabs, but would spec the cdx nail
base on the roof SIPS. BTW, that $110K quote, I think thats called a drop
dead quote ;)

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