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Re: SIP Design

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Quite correct.  And the newest AC 04 (dated either March 2004 or April
2004...don't recall exactly at the moment) now have an Appendix A, which
is "matched" shearwall testing to get approval for use in high seismic
zones (i.e. IBC D, E, or F).  The matched testing is bascially testing a
SIP shearwall _AND_ an equivalent stick-framed shearwall using OSB from
the same batch (both wall sheathed on both sides) with equivalent nailing
patterns to "verify" that the SIP shearwall meets or exceeds the
performance of the equivalent stick-framed wall.

If people what more information on that, Tom Skaggs might be willing to
offer he was involved with the development of Appendix A (if I
recall correctly) and APA has actually done some testing using the


Adrian, MI

On Thu, 9 Dec 2004, Eric Tompos wrote:

> Refer to ICC-ES AC04, it provides the design and test requirements for SIPs.
> While these requirements are summarized in ESR reports, AC04 details how the
> design values are arrived at.
> Eric Tompos
> NTA, Inc.

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