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SIP panels

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I digest so sorry for the delay in responding.  I have used SIPs on a
variety of residential and commercial projects in rural Alaska.  On the
larger commercial projects,  we do not use the panels in a load bearing
manner but instead provide an independent structural frame for gravity
load support.

In the 1990's, significant rot problems developed in over 60 structures
in the Juneau area.  There used to be a series of reports and detailed
information on  If not still posted, I do have a printout I
can .pdf and send to you if you are interested.  Juneau is a very damp
climate and combined with construction and detailing issues, the reports
indicate that the roofs rotted from the inside.  

As a policy, we have restricted our use of the panels to drier
environments (i.e. the arctic) and pay very close attention to proper
joint installation (use lots of the mfg's panel sealant) and always spec
a 10 mil vapor retarder with all seams and staples taped and sealed.
Since we do both architectural and structural design, we require vapor
retarder inspections on these projects and blower door the housing
project to ensure we get a good installation.

Jared F. Keyser, P.E.

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