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Failings of (engineering) organizations

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Mr. Bob Johnson:
Thanks for posting the note from Mr. Sanchez.
I read it a couple of times.
I am concerned about what I would describe as  'World View' in the letter.  
May I describe for you a portion of my 'World View'?
My job as a staff architect in our organization is to make a profit for the company.  My boss' job is also to make a profit.   On the path to make that possible, my job is to make my boss look good.  By doing this, if I am successful, an outcome would be to make my Clients look good.
It appears that the results of the information in the letter may be to:
    1.  Make employers think of themselves and act as though they were part of a separate class.
    2.  Make employees ('techies') think of themselves as not a part of a separate class.
    3.  Shortchange the process of making a profit.
    4.  Encourage envy among the 'techies' toward their boss.
    5.  Encourage bosses to mistrust their 'techies'. 
These results, if realized, would be harmful to our community, and to ourselves personally.  Focus or preoccupation on harm done to me by others is ultimately harmful to me.  This is true for harm done to me by bosses.  Focus on making a profit for my company is, however, positive.
I am aware that some harm done to 'techies' may reasonably cause an employee to seek employment elsewhere.  I am very fortunate to have the best bosses.
I prefer to consider bosses as wanting to hire 'techies'  who are better than they themselves are at a particular job.  I also prefer to do a self check-up when there is no profit at the end of the year.  How am I contributing to the success of the office?  Am I indispensable yet?
I am also looking forward to an attitude change.  My attitude, for one, certainly needs to change. 
Mr. Johnson and Mr. Sanchez, please be kind enough to give me your responses to these thoughts. 
With Joy and Hope,
Bob Freeman, Architect
Structural Designer
(714) 368-5080