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Re: The failings of (engineering) organizations

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On Dec 9, 2004, at 4:43 PM, Acie Chance wrote:

This is The United States of America and we DO NOT have a class system here.
You're mistaken. We don't have a titled nobility, but we do have definite economic boundaries which make up our class system. IF your family is rich and influential you can beat any rap that would land a poor man in the slammer. And we do have significant remains of a very definite class system based on race, religion and gender. It's not like it was in the 50's, but it still hangs around. You don't sound like you're old enough to remember that. Too bad.

If this way is to harder you can immigrate to some socialistic country.  I can think of a few countries who will take you in but I bet you stay here and run your mouth instead of working. In short I think you are full of SH*T and do not know what the HE*L you are talking about.
You really ought to take a class in English composition. I'd certainly discriminate against anyone writing a letter with all those spelling and grammatical errors if you wrote it to me, because I tend to think, perhaps unfairly, it reflects ignorance, rather than carelessness.

BTW, capitalism has nothing to do with profits. It only means that the means of production are in private hands. People make lots of money, by fair means and foul in any economic system.
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