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Re: Catch-22 Software Cost

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Rich Lewis wrote:

I was thinking about charging a "use" fee on the software to help recoup
some of the cost.  Is this commonly done by others?
No, not anymore.

It's called "overhead." It would be as logical to charge for the fact that you have to buy a desk and office chair. All of this "reduces your fee."

The good news is that the cost of software--not to mention desks and office chairs--is a legitimate business expense and is thus deductible. One of the major advantages to self-employment and business ownership is that a great deal of your "lifestyle" is tax deductible. In this day and age when getting a "tax cut" means that you are only paying the various levels of government 60% of your gross income instead of 62% (and you get to hear Democrats whine about your keeping more of your own money into the bargain), any tax deduction is a good thing.

Don't anguish about this too much. After the initial "hit" you get from shelling out all this money in startup costs, later on down the road it actually MAKES money for you. Remember being told "it takes money to make money?" Lo and behold, it's actually TRUE!

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