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RE: Design for Liquifaction (or mitigation thereof)

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Joe –


I just had a conversation with Shelton Stringer of Earth Systems.


Very pleasant guy; very informative and helpful.


Thanks for the referral.


Status: I’ve got Hayward Baker looking at a preliminary recommendation. Shelton believes (w/o looking at report, seeing plans or boring logs) that a mat foundation might be the most logical (read: cheapest) if the client is informed that major repairs will be necessary after an event including compaction grouting to remove the tilt and settlement. Interestingly, Shelton thinks (with his gut) that, even with subsequent compaction grouting, as well as design of flexible utility connections, a mat foundation is still probably going to be cheaper than stone columns or other geological improvements.




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They are new to the desert area I would suggest you talk with Earth Systems they have had an office here for 30 years and probably have a more experience and a better intuition for the local soils.


Talk to Craig Hill or Shelton Stringer


Call it a second opinion


Worst case if you spent 5k on new soils report and saved 50k on grading who wins.


Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
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