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Re: The failings of (engineering) organizations

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Christopher Wright wrote:

On Dec 9, 2004, at 4:43 PM, Acie Chance wrote:

This is The United States of America and we DO NOT have a class system here.

You're mistaken.

I suggest you go and live for some time in Great Britain where vestiges of a REAL "class system" exist.

In comparison we have no such "system" in the U.S.

And don't confuse freedom of association with "class system." They aren't the same. I as much choose not to associate with the "country club set" as they choose not to associate with me. If I wanted, I could join their silly club; all I need is the entry fee. In societies where a true "class system" exists, NO amount of money would suffice.

In those places, there's no such thing as "old money" and "new money" because your financial status is irrelevant.

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