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Soil Solidification

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For a long time I have consider Soil Solidification to be a useful tool
to know about.  In sandy soils, sodium silicate (I think that's the
chemical) is injected into the soil.  It cements the soil into what
amounts to sandstone, with a strength of well in excess of 10,000 psf.
It's very useful, for instance, when you need to build a footing near a
basement wall without worrying about imposing large lateral preesure on
the wall.  It's also handy when we need to excavate next to an existing

I proposed this technique to a client to underpin a wall which suddenly
needs a frost footing (long story).  This particular client is more
astute than most, and she asked "How long does it last?  Does it
deteriorate or creep?  Does it degrade under frost?"  You get the idea.

In honesty, I couldn't say.  Does anyone know how permanent this
material is considered to be?

Mike Hemstad

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