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Re: The failings of (engineering) organizations

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Christopher Wright wrote:

On Dec 10, 2004, at 6:45 PM, Bill Polhemus wrote:

I was nowhere around in 1776.

That's the second time you've dodged the questions, so I'll construe that as a 'No, I've never been to the UK and no, I haven't read a British newspaper or listened to the BBC.'

No. I'm trying to point out that your questions are irrelevant.

I've already told you that I know quite a few Britons. You've ignored that. Of course I read articles from British newspapers such as the Guardian--that hotbed of American hatred that I'm sure you relish daily.

And I get BBC America on my DISH system. I'm actually quite the Anglophile. I love Britain and all things British.

But my point is that there's a REASON we are no longer bound to them, for lo these past two and a quarter centuries.

Now, I didn't happen to BE there when the decision to part company was made, nor have I ever fired a musket in anger. But I believe that I understand the sentiments of the day, and concur with what was decided on my behalf.

Once again: Your questions are irrelevant and a transparent attempt to dodge what I said earlier, which is: No matter how much you and your kind may hate America and try to drum up "causes" against her, we are the greatest nation on the planet, in the history of the world, and the REASON is because we are not tied to language, race or religion, but to PRINCIPLES of freedom.

So there are people who (shame!) have more money than the average? And thereby think themselves better than their fellows? Big, as it were, DEAL. That's true EVERYWHERE--in fact, take a stroll down the streets of the gated communities outside Port au Prince or Kingston or Accra, and see what it means to REALLY set yourself apart from the "lower classes."

Class "distinctions" in the U.S. are a distinction without a difference. Freedom and liberty is why.

I know that truly rankles an elitist such as yourself, but it is true and it will continue to be true in this nation so long as the majority uphold the principles of the Constitution, as they did in the election just past.

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