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Re: Overhead Costs

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In a message dated 12/11/04 9:52:45 AM, r_pixley(--nospam--at) writes:

The disagreement is what is the "real cost", which in the long run is what
it will cost to have someone else do the work.  (Does the word "competition"
ring a bell?) And if that someone else doesn't have to pay for "junkets" to
ACI conventions (their attitude, not yours) or other such perks, they will
be able to ask for a lesser price to do the work.

Especially if they're somewhere other than inside the US of A.

"Real cost" is ann interesting concept.  Does the "real cost" of slavery include today's gang wars and drug trade?  In other words, are we still paying the "real cost" of cheap cotton centuries ago? 

Just askin'