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Re: The failings of (engineering) organizations

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Dennis Wish wrote:

I can't agree with you less - I think you missed the part about being a
minority, even a Jew in this country is discriminated against and maybe you
have to be Jewish to understand when someone tells you one thing but means

ALVY I distinctly heard it. He muttered under his breath, "Jew." ROB You're crazy!

ALVY No, I'm not. We were walking off the tennis court, and you know, he was there and me and his wife, and he looked at her and then they both looked at me, and under his breath he said, "Jew."

ROB Alvy, you're a total paranoid.

ALVY Wh- How am I a paran-? Well, I pick up on those kind o' things. You know, I was having lunch with some guys from NBC, so I said ... uh, "Did you eat yet or what?" and Tom Christie said, "No, didchoo?" Not, did you, didchoo eat? Jew? No, not did you eat, but Jew eat? Jew. You get it? Jew eat?

ROB Ah, Max, you, uh ...

ALVY Stop calling me Max.

ROB Why, Max? It's a good name for you. Max, you see conspiracies in everything.

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