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Re: On topic - Solipsism a reply to Polhemus _ Was: The failings of (engineering) organizations

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Dennis Wish wrote:

I can't believe you actually wrote this. In other words, if we disagree with
you we must "hate" America and "drum up 'causes' against her?"
I'm basing my statement of opinion with regard to not only this one post, but several years of Chris's comments. He's a good engineer, but a typical John Kerry-type "blame America first" liberal. That's his right, but it's my right to call him on it.

FWIW, John Kerry hates America, too. No matter what he said verbally, every action he's ever taken, from his smarmy "anti-war" protests to meeting with the Vietcong/North Vietnamese government in Paris to throwing his (or was it someone else's?) medals over the White House fence to meeting with Daniel Ortega to voting against every military equipment development and procurement bill (that is, whenever he's deigned to show up for work), etc.

Kerry was a PERFECT illustration of the type that Chris is. Again, he has the right to be wrong, but I have the right to call him on it.

The majority of Americans are tire of these people, and I've made up my mind that every time I see one of these "America is the real evil" statements--no matter where it crops up--I'm going to sound off.

It's the patriotic thing to do.

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