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Re: The failings of (engineering) organizations

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Dennis Wish wrote:

In California people said one thing and thought another - how right he was.

t's called "living in a Blue state."

And speaking as someone who grew up there, your statements about Alabama are just as bigoted and ignorant as anything that Chris imagines I might have said. I grew up in Alabama in the 70s, and saw a small amount of bigotry here and there--among INDIVIDUALS. But I never saw any "institutional bigotry," which is what you and Chris and others often try to insinuate is happening.

In America, you have the right to be WRONG. Your redneck buddy with the "hoofs and horns" mindset is a perfect illustration of that. But you are wrong to extrapolate that into "everybody hates me." It just ain't so.

I imagine I have had far more intimate dealings with "African-Americans" growing up in the South than you or most of the people here on this list ever have or ever will. My wife who grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago admits she is more uncomfortable with "black people" than I am, because I grew up lower middle class in one of the "blackest" towns in America, Birmingham. And along with the cracks about the early 60s race riots, you can also take the fact that my sixth grade teacher in 1968 was black, because there was a dramatic sea-change in the way things were in just a few short years in Alabama.

By the mid-70s, I was dating one of my high-school cheerleaders who was black. Even now, I have two nieces who are half-black, one-quarter white and one-quarter Puerto Rican. And One Hundred Percent All-American.

Because that's what it's really about. While you "liberals" have and continue to see everything as "partitioned" between races, cultures and religions, the rest of "real America" sees no such distinctions. "You people" are quite comfortable with white liberal news "commentators" using terms like "Aunt Jemima" in reference to Dr. Condoleeza Rice, a daughter of Alabama and one of the most brilliant young minds on the world political stage, because with "you people" it is ALWAYS about ideology and politics. There is a thin veneer of true bigotry over the liberal statue.

And thus it comes down to Chris's comments about the "evils" of American society. This "anecdotal" stuff is all well and good, but for every one that you can come up with that shows how "bad" things are here, I'll give you two that show the wonderful side of this nation in spades.

Nothing can change human nature but God--and that's if the particular human WANTS to change. Liberals believe that you can LEGISLATE a change of heart--mainly because they are at best ambivalent and at worst downright hostile toward the idea of a Supreme Being. If we could only all just do like the (post-Christian) Europeans, what a wellspring of humanist splendor! (Meanwhile all h*ll's about to break loose in Europe because the volume of radical Islamists there is about to reach critical mass--I'll be looking forward with interest to see how you explain the riots and mass deportations that are about to occur).

See ya'll later, I'm about to exercise the wonderful freedom of association and conscience afforded me by the Constitution of the United States, and attend the Church of my choice.


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