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The failings etc. Enough, already.

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This is an apology, not for anything I've said, but for helping set Bill off. I should have learned my lesson in 1959 when an opinion about intermarriage during a family dinner triggered shock and horror and a warning lecture about the imminent racial war of annihilation. Since then I really have tried to avoid repetitions, but there are limits. Anyway, I've been called niggerlover, pinko, godless pinko, anti-american and worse by worse than Bill, so I figure I've paid my dues. I really do promise to try to keep away from social commentary, _except_ where serious bullsh¡t wants countering. As to distinguishing misinformation from opinion, I'll use my discretion.

My only excuse is that people who don't remember the 50's and 60's in the US, which is most of you, need to hear some stuff. If, like Bill claims, you never rode a Jim Crow bus or saw Bull Connor's goons setting dogs on children at the Pettus Bridge, you need to know that those things, and more, happened. I grew up in Florida and Virginia and Alabama and I know about lynchings and night-riders and bigotry that were part and parcel of state governments in those days. Bill may be in denial--like some--but it's fact.

Also unlike most of you, I remember the Berlin Airlift, the Marshall Plan and how we welcomed thousands of refugees to this country when other nations weren't interested. Like everyone else in the world, we're part good and part not-so-good. Americans winked at company thugs whaling strikers, racial prejudice, and discrimination against women but we also supported the first hard steps to begin righting the wrongs. We do good things, even if we do them with reluctance and misgivings, and we don't need to stick our heads in the sand when someone says we haven't finished.

For anyone who wants, I'd love to chat off list if you're curious about US goings on, not filtered through the White house or Fox News. In return, I'm sure interested in foreign viewpoints. Only an idiot would claim total expertise in anything, but I have worked both sides of the counter. Everyone knows I'm a dedicated and conscious liberal, but I voted for Nixon in 1960, supported the Vietnam war for a while. Like most white folks, I even thought I knew how my black friends really felt about race issues. (As opposed to what they told white people.) If you're a foreign national still wondering (like many Americans) what the hell happened in 2000, I can explain the Electoral College, too. ;->

P.S. Subscribers from other countries also should know that we're not a nation of Red States and Blue States--we're purple. See for yourself at <> It's a warning flag and something of a comfort.

Christopher Wright P.E. |"They couldn't hit an elephant at
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...................................| John Sedgwick, Spotsylvania 1864)

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