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Re: The failings of (engineering) organizations

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On Dec 12, 2004, at 2:32 AM, Dennis Wish wrote:

I had fellow soldiers in the early 70's accusing me of killing Christ and suggesting that I had
hoofs and horns as all Jews did.
My god. I thought that died out sometime in the 17th century, even in Louisiana. One more reason I'd rather put up with a hundred Minnesota winters than a Sunday afternoon anywhere in the Old Confederacy. I never had the chance to discuss it with him, but I'm convinced that racial attitudes were one reason my father left Virginia after college. Like I said on my final post on the matter. we're all alike. I've had to explain why christianity is a monotheistic religion to several Jews and some Muslims who thought we worship 3 gods, and I got a very good lesson about Hindu beliefs in the same vein at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. If you get up there, don't miss it.

I have a colleague whose family was one of the first Jewish families to move into St Louis Park here in the 30's. I knew about restrictive covenants, but I always thought that was somewhere else. When we first moved to Jacksonville in 1949, we had Jewish families on both sides of us and across the street and a lot of goyim like us everywhere else. It never would have occurred to me that any such thing existed any more. I learned a lot. Martin Rothstein's mother kept strict kosher of which I'd known nothing, and my teeny prayer book compared to the $300 in cash Martin got for Bar Mitzvah gelt was also quite the revelation, although I wouldn't have traded for fried bacon and our Christmas tree. And restrictive covenant or no, Janice Katz could have moved in with me any time. ;-> It all seemed so unremarkable at the time. If anyone had said anything to me about horns and hooves, I would have laughed out loud, except maybe for Larry Moskewitz, who was generally regarded as a nasty piece of work and a thug, even across religious lines.

As I also said, I should know what sets Bill off. Cain is right--he needs to keep up with his meds. But sometimes things need saying, like the afternoon I told Senator Boschwitz that I thought Reagan wasn't much of a leader. (during the air controllers' strike--we were in the same line to get on a delayed flight from Chicago to Minneapolis. We'd never actually met, but I said 'hello,' and after we'd checked in, we and another constituent started chatting, and of course Reagan's action during the strike came up. I'm sure I wasn't rude or even overly earnest. I couldn't say much else, but I've always wondered what he really thought, and whether 'Who was that chickenshit?' might have come up later.

Let me, hopefully, shock you with this tidbit: Jews, Blacks, Hispanics and most other minorities are also full of prejudice the same as the Christian majority and
 we call this a moral society?
I don't mean to disappoint you but it's no shock. An indian kid once told me that he didn't like black people more than he didn't like white people, because all blacks think that the Ojibwe 'made it with buffaloes.' Of course at the time, I knew less about Ojibwe and Dakotah culture that I knew about the for side of the moon--I was brought up like most suburban white kids to believe that Indians all wanted to be like us. Or at least like the Lone Ranger's faithful indian companion.

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...................................| John Sedgwick, Spotsylvania 1864)

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