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Residential building permit

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In response to States that do not require Engineering on residential projects, this should not be confused with "providing engineering services". When a state says a sealed set of plans is not required, they mean just that, the plans as a whole do not need to be sealed, must likely the structural issues are covered prescirptivly in the code. It does not mean that a person can provide engineered beams or retaining walls without being a registered engineer. Gerenrally if it falls outside the code, only that item would have to be sealed.

I am interested in how enforcement of this is done it different juriditions, In Frederick Co. MD, for instance, the plans reviewers act like engineers, unregistered, every time they approve a steel beam or metal building foundtion or retaining walls. The state board of engineers, paper tigers, allow the counties or cities to act like engineers without regard to registration, I digress.

Jeff Fertich, PE
Gettysburg, PA

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