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RE: Residential Building Permit

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The simple answer to your question is...Ask the local building official.

The long answer is:

A two minute google will reveal the following link:

Where you can (apparently) view the code online. A quick reading appears to require the seal of an engineer or (?).

According to the website, the code is based on the 1993 BOCA and dwellings are based on 1995 CABO. The administration section appears to imply that you must have a registered professional (architect or engineer) prepare and seal the drawings but the code is incomplete'll find the error on Page 21, section 110.8, where it appears that an entire portion of the document is missing. Moreso, there have been no updates in six years, though the web pages have been updated this year. or visit your building department. They can answer you question. Make sure you know if you're using traditional construction (wood studs, concrete or masonry) or some alternate material (any steel, adobe, straw-bale, etc.)


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