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Re: Residential Building Permit

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Neil Moore wrote:

Bill, I could care less about the presentation of the web site - it's the content that I am impressed with. This is what California and all other states needs to have.

I agree that this is essential. Unfortunately as we have discussed here from time to time, the copyright problem with the "model codes" seems to be standing in the way of online access. They simply want you to purchase the codebooks--and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the various jurisdictions want to make a buck or two off the deal as well. Too bad they can't just make it a "subscription." Heck, here in Texas we pay $230 per year for our license renewal. I would think a couple of bucks of that could suffice for an online subscription to the building code (if TX HAD a state B.C., which they don't).

However, I have to say that the appearance of the website DOES matter to me. It would be like purchasing a manual, code or textbook, then discovering that the printer had used chartreuse ink for the text. It would not be acceptable

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