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RE: The failings ... I second the motion!

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On 13 Dec 2004, at 9:48, TED RYAN wrote:

> I whole heartedly second this motion!  These posts are out of hand.  I
> am on the verge of unsubscribe and I know others in my office are too.
> The quality of dialogue will continue to decrease because people who
> might actually have some good input on ENGINEERING are no longer
> subscribing.
> Ted Ryan

It would unfortunate if those who read and contribute to this list decide
to leave because they aren't getting enough engineering dialogue.  I
would like to see those who are thinking of leaving the list start posting
more engineering posts to counter those posts that they feel are off
topic to the list.  Everyone here has the opportunity to contribute and
to make this list more like what they would want.  Instead of complaining,
just start posting engineering related posts.

With more engineering posts, those who don't like the off-topic posts will
have a higher eningeering to "noise" ratio and can easily delete the
threads that they don't want and will still have plenty engineering posts
to read and enjoy.

I enjoy the variety of posts here, both off-topic and on-topic posts.  I feel
that life is rarely so compartmentalized that those off-topic items don't
affect our engineering as well.  The variety of posts help to get a feeling
for the character of the posters and thereby make them seem more


How often have you been required or had requests to include wind load
diagrams for the structures that you are designing.  Are the diagrams
in ASCE 7 not sufficient for your clients or do you provide them with
diagrams showing the various wind loading zones used to generate your
loadings on the structures?

I was recently asked to show these zones on a job, and was surprised
to get the request, as I've not run across that before.

What have others on this list done in their calculation packages?

Take care,
Lloyd Pack, P.E.

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