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PERSONAL FOR RICH LEWIS [WAS Re: Dynamic design of machine foundation]

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Rich Lewis wrote:

VIBRATING MACHINES" by Suresh Arya, Michael O'Neill and George Pincus.
It will take several weeks to get it as they have to photocopy it since
it is out of print.


I have a copy of this, published back in the 70s or 80s by Gulf States Publishing here in Houston (sadly, I think they're no longer in business). I NEVER use it because I just don't do this kind of design any more.

If you want, I'll just GIVE it to you. Send me your address via private email. When it gets there, look at the postage on the package, and send me that amount plus $2.00 shipping and handling (h*ll, gas is expensive!).

Before you get teary-eyed, this is me "giving back." A LOT of people on here--and you know who you are--have done a LOT of stuff for me over the years on this list, like faxing or emailing me information, specs, etc. I can't repay them because there's nothing I have that they need, but I can help you.

If you want the book it's yours. Email me.

Bill Polhemus

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