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Re: Residential building permit

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Gary Hodgson & Associates wrote:

As I'm not familiar with Texas laws, I may be wrong, but
there is a contradiction in what you say.  In the 2nd last para,
you say no permits req'd and there is no municipal inspection.
So if an engineer issues unsealed house drawings, he is in
violation of your state engineering practices since he has not
approved the drawings? or that he even issued the drawings?
Can any one issue drawings so long as they are not an engineer?
Maybe the state is not wild and wooly, but perhaps the brains
of some your board regulators!
In essence you can make drawings without a seal as long as you're not an engineer!

That is to say, no one is going to look at the drawings--no permit drawn, no code enforcement, nothing.

But if you are an Engineer, and you do drawings for any project whatsoever, you are bound by the Texas Engineering Practice Act (TEPA) to seal them.

You're right, it is sort of a Twilight Zone situation. If I'm a private individual I can make "drawings" to my heart's content, but if I'm an Engineer I have to seal them.

I never thought about it that way, but such is the craziness of Texas.

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